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Prathmesh Yelne
Prathmesh Yelne.jpg
Yelne in August 2019
Prathmesh Abhay Yelne

(2001-10-16) October 16, 2001 (age 21)
Years active2019–present
Known for
Height1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
  • Founder and CEO of Codegyan (formerly Codegyan Pvt Ltd.)
  • Founder and CEO of Shayarix
Musical career
Writing career
LanguageEnglish, Hindi
GenreRomance, realistic fiction, non-fiction
Notable worksThe Dark Girl
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Prathmesh Yelne (born October 16, 2001) is an indian artist, web developer, painter and hindi, urdu, english poet and lyricist. He is known for founding the Educational Website Codegyan Pvt Ltd. Of which he is the chairman and chief executive officer.[1][2]

Prathamesh was also wrote to many shayari that feel the every one heart. He was inspired the heartbroken people from his shayari and poetry.[3]

Prathmesh wrote a song lyrics. His first song name is 'Bas Tu Hai' wrote in 2021.[citation needed] After that he started the podcast named as 'Stories with Prathmesh Yelne' with anchor company by Spotify in 2022.[4] after that on same here he podcast 'बातें with Prathmesh' with hubhopper. [5]

Prathmesh attended Sant gadge baba amravati University, where he launched Shayarix in 2019 Codegyan founded in 5 June 2021 with his classmates Nimra Deshmukh, Pranali Chopade, Pratik Raut, Nayan Thorat and others. Originally launched to select college campuses, the site expanded rapidly and eventually beyond colleges, reaching one thousands users in 1 month. And Rhyme Attacks in 2022.

Education and early career

Life & Education

Prathmesh Yelne was born on 16 October 2001 in Amravati, Maharashtra, India to Abhay Yelne. He was their first child. Prathmesh Yelne studied at Govind New English Public School, Karanja Lad (2014-2017) and later at the Shri KN Science Collage, Karanja Lad (2017-2019) also He pursuing his graduation from Prof. Ram Meghe College Of Engineering & Management, Amravati (2019-2023). Prathmesh passes his 12th in 2019 & Equally completed in Prose, Poetry and Painting. His ideolist musicians and poets like Arijit Singh, Kishor Kumar, Jubin Nautiyal, Sonu Nigam and listening poetry to Rahat Indori.[6]

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Early Life

Prathmesh Yelne career began from his 12th Standard. He interested in writing a Poem, Poetry, Song Lyrics and Shayari as well as Web Development.

He was taught 'he do something better' as he was write a poem as well as make a shayari. He was done the Rahat Indori as his teacher by seeing the Rahat Indori his talent increase. Rahat Indori was inspire of the Prathmesh Yelne as well as he was a Lyricist and Singer.

Writing career

After as a writer, Prathmesh published his first book, The Dark Girl : A Mystery Novel, is a thriller about the girl when she is in danger and a detective story about the unsolvable mysteries of girl.[7][8][9]




Codegyan logo used from 2021 to Present

The following semester, in June 2021, Prathmesh began writing code for a new website. On June 5, 2021, Yelne launched "Codegyan", originally located at, in partnership with his classmates Nimra Deshmukh, Mohini Sapate, Pranali Chopade, Pratik Raut, Nayan Thorat and others.[10][11]

Codegyan is a Largest online learning platform and free tutorials library, here you can learn PHP ,Python ,C ,C++ ,WordPress ,Computer ,Keyboard Shortcut Keys ,File Extension ,Full Forms ,Online Tools and online exams preparations and more, Absolutely Free For Everyone.[12]

Codegyan has Alexa global rank of 4,190,028. receives approximately 593 unique visitors each day.[13][14][15]

Rhyme Attacks

Poetry and Shayari Collection


His amongst countless poetry collection, Some of the poetry collection are as,

Prathmesh Best Poetry Collection
Tujhse Main Bohat Pyar Karta Hoon ( Hindi Poetry )[16]
Me and My Love ( English poetry )
The Broken Friendship ( Sad poetry )
Laughter Is The Key For Happiness ( English Poetry )
How I Become A Writer ! (English Poetry) [17]
Mohabbat Hai Tumse !
Kaise Kahoon ?
Dil Tootna Jaruri Tha
You Left Me ( English Poetry )
Milne Aaogi Kya ? ( Hindi Poetry )
Tum Mujhse Pyar Nahin Karte Na ?
Ek Ladki Hoon Main
The Red Rose
BreakUp Ke Baad ?
Main Wahin Tha
Main Theek Hoon
Kuch Guzaarishen Hai Meri
Yeh Saal Gaya
Main Aur Tu
Teri Yaadein
You Made Me A Writer ( English Poetry )
Woh Reply Karegi
Tum Chali Jaaogi Toh
Father Is The One ( English Poetry )
Why Should I Text First ? ( English Poetry )
Say It ? ( English Poetry )
You Are The First One ( English Poetry )
I'll Make You Mine ( English Poetry)
I'll Make You Mine 2 ( English Poetry)[18]




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